Work Metrics

Work Metrics“I feel stagnated”,  “I do not feel I have got my due”,  “There is too much of office politics”, “I want to follow my passion…”

Sounds familiar? These are some of the many phrases I get to hear regularly when I meet those who come to discuss their career path. The work that I do gives me a peek into the lives of many people. The age of individuals saying this seems to be decreasing and the number of individuals facing these issues seems to be increasing. As compared to the yester years, working with brands, the money is better, the designations are fancier, the organizations are more employee-oriented, colleagues are more professional, and there are more opportunities – both vertically as well as horizontally. Then what seems to be the problem? Well nothing… but there’s sure something that bothers most of the working population [with a few exceptions]…

Let’s see….

Working with Brands – but the “brands” are actually expecting you to work for them and not vice-versa. It’s like being a small fish in a big pond.

Accept it …the money IS better… but is based on targets which increase exponentially. Work more; earn more – a very simple rule.

Designations ARE fancier… but that’s about it, nothing fancy about the work that is done.

‘Employee-oriented’ organizations – very few would agree to this, and the employers would vouch by the term. For many it just transpires into more training / workshops / outbounds!

Colleagues ARE professional – that’s the biggest issue. The people with whom one spends more time than family and friends are the ones whom you cannot reach out to on a personal level. No friends or foes forever / to each his own – the new age mantra.

MORE opportunities – vertically as well as horizontally; actually is creating a lot of confusion, as the desire to achieve more is ever increasing and to explore the unexplored drives one from place to place – but we surely know that rolling stone gathers no moss.

I guess, now [I think] I know what the problem is. Have you??

Updated: March 22, 2016 — 3:47 pm