Career After Arts

Arts should be your Choice and not a Compromise

One prejudice that was deeply entrenched in our education system was the belief that Science or Commerce is better than Arts and Humanities. However with more and more awareness there has been a reformation in the general thinking and what we have experienced is a paradigm shift….!!!!! The stream which was earlier regarded as the only option for ‘Low-Scoring’ students is now being given its due respect. The plethora of subjects that a student gets to study under Arts stream is huge!! The Arts stream is rich with new courses and added specializations making it a viable study option.

Skills required in Arts: Lets us try and explore the skills required for Arts, wherein students can better understand what exactly they should look forward and expect from Arts & Humanities!

Is Language your strength??If the answer to this question is a yes then you can definitely flaunt your language skills and Arts is an option that you can consider. Arts is a descriptive field of study…be it sociology, psychology, economics or political science or be it literature, a good hold on language is required and can be of immense help.

Having a Researcher’s Mind?? Then arts should be your choice as research involves an analytical and an inquisitive mind that questions the logic and tries to look beyond the obvious and a scientific approach.

Statistics is my cup of tea…!! As research is one major part of Arts good knowledge of statistics can lend a helping hand. If numbers and data interpretation is what you see in future Arts is ready to welcome you with an open arm!

Skills acquired in Arts: Over the years an Art students develops various skills necessary to build up an aspiring career. The general awareness about Arts and the wide subject options has opened up new and innovative career options for ‘generation Y!’

  • Analysis and creativity
  • Communication
  • Cultural literacy
  • Leadership
  • Managing qualitative information
  • Planning & organizing
  • Research & Systematic thinking
Updated: March 22, 2016 — 3:55 pm